Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The late Peter Hain

Peter Hain has been proving a reluctant interviewee today (unless you wish to hear him on Tory welfare plans) but he has issued another statement about you-know-what.

"It is no secret that there were organisational and administrative problems within my deputy leadership campaign.
"As I said in December there were unfortunately donations to my campaign that
were not registered within the required time scale to the Electoral Commission.

"I am clear that all donations were made by permissible donors.

"Since I made my intention to make late declarations for these donations
public in December I have been in regular contact with the Electoral

"It has been agreed with them that I would provide the required late
declarations by mid-January and I will do so.

"I reiterate that this is deeply regrettable and I sincerely apologise."

I'm only a simple hack but one thing puzzles me: if Steve Morgan was hired to bring order to chaos and insists things were done properly on his watch, why is there a problem with "late donations".


Anonymous said...

despite all this, do you really think that Peter will loose his jobs David?

that's democracy for you, you don't vote for them and yet they hang around like a bad smell :)

David Cornock said...

There's no evidence that I've seen that Peter Hain deliberately tried to conceal donations - it points to a cock-up rather than a conspiracy. But today's headlines won't have helped his job prospects amid rumours among Labour MPs of a February reshuffle.