Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Hain's half hour x2

Gordon Brown has given his most unequivocal backing yet to Peter Hain, praising his work in reducing unemployment.

The PM was asked whether Hain was "a dead man walking" during question time in the Commons.

Tory leader David Cameron chose to focus on Northern Rock, rather than the Hain affair.

Earlier, Hain stepped aside a call for him to quit from the Tory MP Nigel Evans,

Activists in the Neath constituency will meet tonight. Constituency Labour Party secretary Sandra Miller says "people may have got the wrong end of the stick over why the executive is meeting tonight"

She says that the purpose of the meeting is to decide the work programme and meeting schedules for the Labour Party in Neath for the coming year. The meeting was originally due to take place before Christmas. There'll also be some discussion tonight on the process of selecting candidates for European Elections.

How could we have got the wrong end of the stick? Here's a clue - a statement sent to me by Peter Hain's office on Monday:

"The Neath Labour Party Executive have been anxious to demonstrate their support and have called an emergency meeting on Wednesday to do precisely this. We are proud to have Peter as our MP."

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