Monday, 4 February 2008

Does he know something we don't?

One week as Minister for Digital Inclusion, and Paul Murphy has already overhauled the Wales Office website.

He doesn't seem to have got around to making the RSS feeds work properly, but that may be due to an antique version of internet explorer on BBC computers.

How long will the Minister for Digital Inclusion be based at Gwydyr House? Paul Murphy seems less than confident that the Welsh Secretary's job will survive the next ministerial reshuffle.

So is he a stopgap, pending the creation of a "department of the nations" covering Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland?

"I never see myself as a gap but I don't know how long the job here is going to be, whether in fact they'll reform the way in which the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland Offices work and all the rest of it. All I have got to do is do the job to the best of my ability in the time that I am here and I am delighted to be here."

He may not know how long the Wales Office job is going to be, but there's a hint there that he does know something about Gordon Brown's future plans that we don't.

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