Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Quote unquote

Media Wales, the company formerly known as WesternMailnEcho, is trying to create an inspirational environment in what it calls its "new build project".

The company's Simon Farrington takes up the story, in an e-mail: "As part of our new build project, the Premises Working Group is looking to incorporate a design on the glass that separates each open floor plan from the relaxation/food-drink areas.

Architect John Steele believes that using a design based on words would be the most effective way of giving emphasis to the plain glass.

And that's why we need your help. We are looking for the best motivational or inspirational quotes - either famous ones or new ones - that will send out a positive message about our company, both to staff and visitors alike."

I think this challenge should be widened beyond Media Wales staff - perhaps readers could e-mail their favourite warm words, be they from Martin Luther King or Martin Shipton.

This would, as the David Brents of management might put it, ensure the company is ahead of the curve as it seeks to aggregate the content, super-serve its audience and force the issue onto the crowbar.

Simon adds: "There will be prizes for those 'winning' selected quotes; either an exclusive all-expenses-paid guided tour of Cardiff Bus Station (for two), or a bottle of wine from my personal cellar (I'd go for the tour)."

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