Tuesday, 26 February 2008

On the Buses

Say what you like about Peter Hain, and his enemies have recently, but you can't knock his work as a constituency MP.

A year ago he was writing a 35,000 word tract on the future of democratic socialism in the hope that he'd become deputy leader of the Labour Party.

Today, he sent me a press release about the local bus service in Rhiwfawr.

"The people of Rhiwfawr are outraged by the collapse of their bus service and I can understand their anger," says the former Welsh Secretary.

"There are a number of elderly people living in the village who have no other means of getting around than to use the buses. The once frequent service has been reduced to villagers having to phone up for a bus and then waiting two hours for it to arrive."

The Neath MP is organising a meeting in the village to discuss the problem a week on Friday.

An example of how the mighty are fallen? Peter Hain's friends say he'd have been fighting this battle for his constituents even if he were still a Cabinet Minister.


Anonymous said...

Notice David Jones's rather sarcastic reply to you on his blog??

Anonymous said...

Isn’t transport a devolved issue? Does the man who introduced the GoWA 2006 not understand the difference between "devolved" and "non-devolved" matters?