Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Runners and riders

"Too posh, too Plaid, too anti-Plaid, too boring, and too clever by half". That's the analysis of Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price on internal Labour assessment of the candidates to succeed Rhodri Morgan as the party's leader in Wales.

You can probably put faces to the labels yourself.......

Mr Price also dashed any hope that the Assembly Government might follow the example of the self-styled Scottish Government on Berwick and annex somewhere east of Offa's Dyke.

Oswestry, he says, is safe in English hands.


Chris said...

Too posh - Jane Davidson
Too Plaid - Carwyn Jones
Too anti-Plaid - Huw Lewis
Too boring - Andrew Davies
Too clever by half - Leighton Andrews

Am I right?

Carlo Marko said...

Shows the arrogance, and (whisper it) political naivety of Price all over. Not liking Plaid is no bad thing for a Labour politician, especially one with the vision to lead a Party back into power in their own right, and boot Plaid out where they belong - opposition.