Thursday, 7 February 2008

He has seen the future....

Lembit Opik has moved one step closer to shedding his wacky image by urging the Government to bring forward a trial of personal transporters (left).

The Montgomeryshire MP says: "Against a background of an urgent need to cut carbon emissions, traffic gridlock and calls for 20mph default urban speed limits, it is easy to imagine Personal Transporters like the Segway being the low-emission transport choice for short urban journeys.

"To allow people to benefit from this environmentally friendly mode of transport, the Government must seriously consider Personal Transporters and at least enable meaningful and fair trials to take place.

"The beauty of the Personal Transporter is that it combines a personal transport step change with an environmental one. This makes Personal Transporters a true breakthrough in green convenience."


Anonymous said...

"The low-emission transport choice for short urban journeys"

Wouldn't this be, er, "walking"?

Anonymous said...


Jeff said...

As to the above comments I think they are missing the point, the Segway is there to replace short term car journeys and NOT walking - but everything else.With Petrol/diesel at nearly £1.10 a litre it seems a viable alternative!