Friday, 1 February 2008

New Labour, New Murphy

Just when you thought politics could surprise you no more, an e-mail from the Wales Office drops into the inbox.

Not only is Paul Murphy, in his second incarnation as Secretary of State, expressing an interest in sport, he has also started issuing press releases featuring Welsh quotes.

Ok, so it's only "pob lwc bois!", a goodwill message ahead of tomorrow's match at Twickenham, but this is something of a breakthrough.

As Paul Flynn reports on his blog, "An MP once did a party charade in which he invited others to guess ‘Who am I?’ He then opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish, shifted from one foot to the other while gazing at the ceiling. The answer to this conundrum was ‘Paul Murphy, singing the Welsh National Anthem’."

The interest in sport is also something of a departure. Mr Murphy has previously been heard to enquire, during the middle of a heavily reported World Cup, why drivers in London had attached small English flags to their vehicles.

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