Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Budget Day

Today's Budget title is "Stability and Opportunity - building a strong sustainable future". Who was it said something about campaigning in poetry and governing in prose?

We're told not to expect rabbits out of the hat, to use a cliche of the day, and to expect few surprises.

There may be some extra money for schools, as The Guardian reported yesterday. But this, I'm advised, is a re-allocation from an underspend in the English schools budget.

As the money isn't new - except to the schools - that means Wales and Scotland won't get much by way of a share of the spending, but that probably won't stop the "snub to Wales"press releases that drop into my inbox later today.

I'm not sure if bookmakers still take bets on the length of the speech but we're told to expect Mr Darling to speak for around 50 minutes.

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