Thursday, 27 March 2008

The Welsh Bland

One of the main Welsh debating forums at Westminster is "a largely useless institution".

That's the view of Paul Flynn, the Labour MP for Newport West, who shares his thoughts on the Welsh Grand Committee's future - or lack of it - his blog.

The Welsh Grand may be something of a talking shop, although its question time yesterday was rather more illuminating than the equivalent in the main Commons chamber.

That said, it's rather hard to see protesters marching in their thousands on Westminster to "Save the Welsh Grand".

Yesterday's committee meeting did generate the odd spark of media coverage, and not just because AMs are on holiday.

And were it not for the Welsh Grand, we may not have been privy to Paul Murphy's views on devolution, shared at a time when he believed his prospects of a return to Government were rather remote.


Peter Black said...

It is not a holiday David it is a recess so as to enable us to work in the constituency!

David Cornock said...

Point taken. As Peter sent me an e-mail on Christmas Day, I'm prepared to believe him.....