Thursday, 20 March 2008

Ooh er, Carry On Conservatives

I wonder what David Cameron's women-friendly Conservative Party will make of Glyn Davies's views on Paul McCartney's lawyer?

Heather Mills threw a jug of water over Fiona Shackleton in court. This is the would-be MP's view:

"From the 'before and after photographs' in today's newspapers, I have to say that the wet bedraggled look bestowed upon Ms Shackleton a wanton and rather fetching appearance. If she wants my advice, I'd recommend she considers adoping the wet look on a regular basis. She might even try wearing a T-shirt as well."

David Cameron has suggested that a third of the Ministers in a future Conservative Government will be women, although he will presumably not select them for their "wanton and rather fetching appearance"

Perhaps there's something in the water in Montgomeryshire that makes their politicians do and say risky, if not risque, things.

The Shadow Welsh Secretary, Cheryl Gillan did not return calls. Glyn seems to have taken personal offence at our decision to report his remarks. He even turned down a request to discuss them on Radio Wales - a first.

Judging by comments elsewhere in the blogosphere his comments will at least earn him a brief role as a martyr in Tory politics. He might almost become a pin-up on the right, if that's not too inappropriate a term to use.....


Anonymous said...

There's been some success in trying to find out the identity of the Assembly's sacked blogger.

Inside the concrete carbuncle, rumour has it that the former employee is going to an employment tribunal. I wonder if we'd find out any more under Freedom of Information, and will they tell all?

Reinaldo said...

Now there's a coincidence -I've always thought you had a wanton and rather fetching appearance when you're running in the rain and wearing that T-shirt..

Anonymous said...

I think we all know Glyn and his naive sense of humour, he is not a sexist and I say that as a feminist. He is really upset at all the fuss. People like him a lot and I so hope the controversy doesn't deter him from blogging .
I have to say I wish there was as much attention given to much bigger issues of inequality and sexist behaviour

David Cornock said...

I hope it doesn't stop him blogging - or joking - too. Perhaps he's discovered that the written word doesn't always convey humour as the writer intended. I've been struggling with that for years....

Owain Cwmtwrch said...

If only he hadn't had used the word bedraggled. I'm sure it would have turned out ok.

Southpaw Grammar said...

I just think in the real world these comments although perhaps not 100% appropriate, are not made into the fuss like they are with point scoring politicians.

The problem with this issue is politicians prosecuting these 'scandals', not the general public being particularly offended by the comments.