Saturday, 8 March 2008

The other Barnett formula

Some Members of the Welsh Assembly will be wrestling with their consciences this weekend over their proposed inflation-busting rise. Others may be visiting travel agents.

For those who feel a tad embarrassed by an 8.3 per cent pay rise while other public sector workers get by on a quarter of that, there is a solution.

Here's a good home for that pay rise - NCH, the children's charity. Several AMs have already generously sponsored me for next month's London marathon.

To those feeling guilty about their extra cash (recommended by an independent panel), it's not too late to divert your pay rise in that direction.


Anonymous said...

You're in the know. Who's the sacked Welsh civil servant blogger?

Oscar said...

shame you prevent some post appearing.

David Cornock said...

Oscar, I try not to publish anonymous or pseudonymous abusive stuff. David

Anonymous said...

Why not get a few Plaid AMs to donate their refused rise and then get a few Labour to match it with their own cash. This would get round the Labour whip not to refuse the cash and raise money for a good cause. You can even try the Lib and Tories but I wouldn't hold your breath there!

David Cornock said...

1. I think the civil service blogger was based at the DWP, not the Wales Office.

2. To be fair to Lib Dem and Tory AMs, several of them have generously sponsored me - you can see who on the website.

Anonymous said...

"I think the civil service blogger was based at the DWP, not the Wales Office."

Mr/Miss Anonymous could be referring to a Welsh blogger that was sacked a while ago as there's rumour doing the rounds in the Welsh blogosphere.