Monday, 8 September 2008

Great Britain?

Here's the map of this year's Tour of Britain, currently underway. Or should that be the Tour of England and Scotland? Perhaps Wales, with nationalists in government, has declared UDI from Britain - you sort of feel that in their opposition days Plaid would have hit the F6 key on their keyboard, the one that produces press releases declaring "Slap in the Face to Wales".

You do wonder what Nicole Cooke makes of this year's route.


Chris cyclist said...

I think my fellow Glamorganite would probably say as a professional cyclist that there's too much distance between each stage finish and the next day's start.

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to hold professional road races in the UK due to little cooperation from local authorities and police which is why she moved to the continent at a young age to pursue her dreams. As an organiser you have to organise stages wherever the finance and cooperation is available.

The lack of a Welsh stage isn't a snub to the country in much the same way that the World Rally Championship's GB Rally now being held entirely in Wales doesn't snub the rest of the UK.

David Cornock said...

Thanks - nice to get some well-informed advice on the subject. Happy Pedalling.