Thursday, 4 September 2008

Hen-pecked Tories

The annual eruption of the political volcano that is Charles Clarke will occupy most bloggers today - and I'm doing a couple of radio turns on it - so let's talk chickens.

Yes, here's the hot news from David Cameron's shadow cabinet, brought to you by Cheryl Gillan:

"We now have six chickens in their own luxury chicken hut, with ramp for access into the meadow. They are Buff Orpington and Black Rock hybrid hens (grey, white and black), which are traditional, rare breeds.

"Our chickens have been protected from the possible wrath of those who might seek to turn them into a stew by giving them names. As Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, TV cook and food guru said, “You cannot eat anything you have given a name”."

Sadly, Cheryl doesn't reveal the names in her Bucks Advertiser and Examiner article so we'll just have to speculate wildly that they're called David, Stephen, Wyn, Nick, Brynle and Alun.

Funny names for hens, I grant you, but if it keeps them out of the oven......


Matthew said...

"Annual eruption"?? Like Mount Etna, he is always erupting.

Glyn Davies said...

Hens are female David - so the names are even funnier.

David Cornock said...

Thanks, Glyn - for the avoidance of doubt, even a suburbanite such as myself is aware of the gender of hens......!