Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lib Dem fails to get arrested

It's all go with the Lib Dems. I've just spent an hour with Lembit Opik as he tried, unsuccessfully, to get arrested for using a personal transporter on the streets of Westminster.

Lembit has become a big fan of the Segway, even using one in his less-than-flat constituency despite the fact they're currently not legal on public roads.

The Montgomeryshire MP had issued a "legalise Segways or send me to Strangeways" challenge to the Government - one it has chosen (so far) to ignore.

He says the immediate reaction of voters who see him riding a Segway is to smile at him, probably not a unique experience. Let's hope for his sake they're laughing with him, not at him.

I had a go on the Segway, touted as the carbon-free future of urban transport, myself. It was fun but I felt more vulnerable than I do on my folding bike. You can see my report here.

The Department for Transport says it doesn't meet basic safety standards - and it will need some tough convincing before it allows them legally on the roads.

Back among the Welsh Lib Dems, once Opik-led, the rank and file are getting very excited about the battle to succeed Mike German.

Kirsty Williams is due to declare tomorrow, so that's one fewer story for us from next week's party conference.

Another would-be leader is apparently steering clear of Bournemouth, although her fans have been swift to work on campaign material.

All that's missing is a snappy slogan......


Anonymous said...

I humbly submit two slogan suggestions for the campaign ahead:



If rumours are true that Welsh Lib Dems are to exclude Eleanor Burnham from the ballot to replace Mike German, they will be demonstrating to the people of Wales that they are neither liberal nor democrat.

If you want to make your voice heard, write to the: The President of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, 7 Blake Court, Schooner Way, Butetown, Cardiff CF10 4DW

Wales needs you Eleanor!

ardibeltza said...

Oh stop taking the piss...

"Burnham - batty, barmy, barking"

"Burnham - do you know who I am? Cos I don't"

And if she ever became a football pundit it could be

Burnham on Crouch (gets coat)