Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Lib Dems and frivolity

The Liberal Democrats have had a go at the BBC for spending millions of pounds on travel during the last year. It's the lead story in London's free morning newspaper.

The BBC makes the point that broadcasting from major news events across the world does involve the occasional need for travel outside the studio.

I'm off this morning (on foot) to attend a Lib Dem briefing on the party's conference, which takes place later this month. Perhaps we could pacify the Lib Dems by not bothering to cover their conference, saving the licence-payer the cost of our (standard class) rail fares to Bournemouth.

As the Lib Dem transport spokesman Norman Baker says: "Licence fee-payers have a right to assume their money is not being splashed around frivolously."

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Anonymous said...

That's right - the BBC only needs to get high and mighty when *other* people are spending public money. If BBC Wales really believed in openness and scrutiny, they would have released their expenses by now. You're spending my money too!