Wednesday, 3 September 2008

United Nations?

Those bloggers who tend to believe everything in the newspapers - and there are many - have been curiously slow to react to this column by the usually well-informed Rachel Sylvester in The Times yesterday.

She wrote: "A limited reshuffle - focused on merging the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland jobs into a single constitutional secretary role - had been pencilled into the No 10 diary for this week."

A "significant" announcement is expected in Northern Ireland this afternoon. Some think this will go beyond the transformation of the IRA to the devolution of justice and policing to Belfast and involve the merging of the Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland offices.

If it's happening this week, the Wales Office remains in the dark - admittedly not in itself evidence that it isn't happening.

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Hen Ferchetan said...

I think every blogger in Wales has posted on it so often over the past year or so that by now that they run out of things to say each time the story appears!