Tuesday, 10 November 2009

She shoots, she scores

As a parliamentary correspondent, I'm sometimes asked: "David, what do MPs do all day now that many day-to-day decisions are taken in Cardiff Bay not Westminster?"

Of course, MPs do still find time to debate issues such as nuclear power, the economy and foreign affairs. Many of them were so busy last week that they could not find the time to discuss proposed reforms to their expenses regime.

More evidence of what some of them get up to can be found on the Commons order paper. The re-naming of St James' Park (the one in Newcastle, not the one near Parliament) has been condemned by 22 MPs in a Commons motion.

Among the signatories is the Labour MP for Conwy, Betty Williams, who also found time in her busy schedule to sign another motion praising the decision to televise the England versus Australia Rugby League match.

She has also registered her approval for another motion praising Blackpool Football Club's "It's a Goal" initiative.

As the sports broadcasting legend Alan Partridge would say, "Back of the net!"


Anonymous said...

in the cause of gender balance what did some of the men do David

Aneurism Glyndwr said...

Oh well, come the election she'll be able to find a more suitable use for her talents. Such as teaching line dancing in Penygroes, perhaps.

rain said...

Yes, the title is right,

no shoots, no scores.

Councillor John Oddy said...

What an abysmal excuse for a MP, if she only spent half the time on her constituents that she does on her “Jollies” she would still be useless.