Monday, 2 November 2009

A not so fresh start

You have to sympathise with political parties. There's only so many slogans in the political lexicon, most of them promising to put Britain first, take it forward, win, or be positive. Strangely, slogans promising to put Britain last, take it backwards, lose or be negative have yet to catch on.

Even so, why have the Lib Dems ended up with one pioneered during William Hague's (admittedly successful) Tory leadership campaign of 1997?

Having stolen William Hague's campaign slogan, can it be long before Nick Clegg changes his headgear?

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps the lib dems should invent some new words that have never been used before. What about:
"uhfuihg hjndfjks kjlkfwe Wales" or maybe "ifunerif ckdcir kfiej".

This would avoid duplicating a fairly straightforward turn of phrase that was used 12 years ago in an internal leadership campaign.