Monday, 16 July 2007

The bigger picture

On a day that the Western Mail takes the BBC to task for allegedly not devoting enough network news to the Welsh Assembly, Nick Robinson eloquently demonstrates an understanding of the changing nature of devolved politics and its impact on UK politics at a time when Britain has a Scottish Prime Minister.

Several Tory MPs are already using question time to highlight the consequences of a Scottish PM dictating policy for his English constituencies that he cannot introduce in his own.

A Google search for "West Lothian question" produced 60,400 results. I'm not a betting man but I'd be prepared to wager a similar search this time next year will produce rather more.

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Toque said...

The BBC are in denial about devolution, they still habitually refer to Britain when they mean England - but then Gordon Brown also does this so who can blame them.

Just as we need a federal constitution we also need a federal BBC. It's ridiculous and disgraceful, not to mention racist, that there's no BBC England.