Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thought provoking

Some provocative thoughts on what Welsh MPs do these days from a refugee from Peter Hain's Wales Office.

The former Wales Office Minister, Don Touhig, for whom Andrew Neilson once acted as spokesman, gives his views on the potential coalition here -

I'm not giving too much away when I reveal that the words"suicide" and "trap" feature in the interview.

A leaked memo (are there any other sort?) suggests Conwy MP Betty Williams has also suggested she's less than keen on a deal with Plaid.

We had hoped to interview her on Good Evening Wales but her office said she was unable to travel to our studio opposite Parliament because it looks as if it's going to rain. (Her office did offer a telephone interview but most radio stations prefer broadcast quality).

The next 72 hours will be billed as momentous ones in the history of 21st century Wales.

I'll be taking a few days off to catch up with the Tour de France and run the Regents Park 10k but you can satisfy your appetite for coalition shenanigans at

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Aralio said...

I should make clear that I greatly admire Don Touhig (and Paul Murphy) despite my disagreement with them on this issue.

The argument over Welsh devolution, back in the 90s, is one which Don may have well been right on. But one way or another it was an argument that was lost. I think Labour MPs should move on.

One other point of clarification - while I would question what many Labour MPs actually do, Don Touhig is certainly not one of them. In particular, Don has done truly great things in relation to coal health compensation for ex-miners with respiratory diseases and vibration white finger - both as a Minister and as a backbencher.