Thursday, 26 July 2007

Welcome to the silly season

Today is the last day of term at Westminster, quite possibly the official start of the silly season.

Or has it already arrived? Here are a few tell-tale signs gleaned from reading, watching and listening during the past week:

The prime minister's preference for a Labour government rather than a coalition with Plaid Cymru is presented as news.

Sunday newspaper columns blatantly lift diary stories from other papers without checking them.
The Western Mail devotes a whole page to the Barnett formula.

Traffic news replaces real news.

Adam Price says he's "demob-happy" on his Facebook profile.

You don't recognise the bylines in newspapers.

I'm blogging about the leadership of the Welsh Lib Dems.

Other tell-tale signs that the silly season is here gratefully received.


Hack in a mac said...

It's not silly season until the first sighting of the killer weaver fish, picking off tourists on the beaches of Pembrokeshire.

Clark Kent said...

Surely the most reliable sign that the Silly Season is here is the spotting of a big cat or cats, usually in Mid Wales. Followed by stage 2: an expert verification and stage 3: another expert who says it's just a stray dog

Anonymous said...

How about a sick bull taking so many ins of news.Nah wouldnt happen