Thursday, 19 July 2007

The hands of history

Here's living proof that Plaid Cymru have indeed travelled on an extraordinary journey.

Years ago hacks like me would mischievously suggest that the party's vocabulary was confined to condemning the regular "slap in the face for Wales" and the occasional "snub to Wales."

No more. In a change of emphasis likely to produce the first ever negative result on my Elfynometer, Plaid have changed their tune under the leadership of Ieuan Wyn Jones, the first Government Minister in the party's 82-year history.

Here's his July 7 analysis of the coalition deal with Labour: "A historic moment in the life of our party, in the life of our politics and the life of our nation".

He said: "Our historic decision today to back the One Wales document will, we believe, deliver a stable government for Wales."

Four days later, accepting the deputy First Minister's job in the Welsh Assembly, he said:
"This is a historic statement for us as a Party and for me personally".

In case we missed the point, he added: "The historic ‘One Wales’ document between Plaid Cymru and Labour offers a new hope for the people of Wales."

On July 16, he stood in for Rhodri Morgan at a British-Irish Council meeting in Stormont. After much thought, Mr Jones decided that the meeting had been, to coin a phrase, "historic".

Today, four Plaid Cymru Ministers including Mr Jones were appointed to the Welsh Assembly Government. The Jones verdict? "This is indeed an historic occasion".

Let's hope the first non-historic day in office, and there may yet be one, doesn't leave Mr Jones lost for words.

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Glyn Davies said...

He also rejected a 'historic' opportunity to become the first Plaid Cymru First Minister - which caused me great disappointment and will (in my opinion) turn out to be seen as a 'historic' mistake.