Wednesday, 4 July 2007

No time off for good behaviour

Just been catching up on some reshuffle reaction in the blogosphere.

Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn - whose outspoken blog can be found here - condemns the "inexplicable" sacking of Nick Ainger and clearly isn't chuffed that "Blair sycophant" Huw Irranca-Davies has replaced him.

Here's the Flynn verdict on his new whip Wayne David: ".He is an active Commons presence and political career is distinguished as the only Parliamentary Labour Candidate to lose the Rhondda."

Mr Flynn may not be able to count on too many nights off from Westminster in the near future.

One more curious point about the reshuffle: if the Government's really keen on an elected element to the House of Lords, why has Gordon Brown appointed several non-elected politicians to ministerial jobs with accompanying peerages?

A "government of all the talents" will be harder to create when elections intrude on the process.

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Anonymous said...

In a Wales Office press release, Peter Hain said “I am delighted to be welcoming Huw and Wayne to the Wales Office. This is exactly the top team that I wanted and that I know will serve Wales well."

"This is exactly the top team that I wanted" - so does that mean to say that he didnt want Nick Ainger? I wonder what the reason for that might be?!