Monday, 24 September 2007

At our best when at our longest

Well, that went on a bit, didn't it?

Having waited most of his life to deliver today's speech, Gordon Brown had understandably rather a lot to say.

The style was very different - wisely Brown didn't try to ape Blair's theatrical approach to these events.

Few of the policy announcements were wholly new - the proof of the pudding will be in the delivery of noble aspirations. (Although do you know anyone who's in favour of an impersonal health service?)

Delegates here would have cheered had he simply stood up and announced that he's not Tony Blair - which in a sense he did.

Brown did acknowledge in a New Labour way rising aspirations among patients when it comes to the NHS. Out of hours GPs? Regular NHS check-ups for all?

A reminder that things won't stand still in the NHS - and the challenge the Labour/Plaid coalition in Cardiff Bay faces in keeping up with progress east of the border as it ticks off items in the "one Wales" document during the next four years.

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