Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Taxi for Hain!

Just in case you've spent the summer wondering how the Wales Office spends our money, here are a few answers from the man in charge, Peter Hain, all culled from parliamentary answers released today.

"The Wales Office expenditure on first class rail tickets for the last 12 months was £72,142.82."

"In the past 12 months my Department has spent £4,440 on first class flights and £2,946.50 on business class flights." (Two officials accompanied Peter Hain on a trip to the United States - the Northern Ireland Office picked up his own first class tab).

"In the last 12 months my Department has spent £2,548.87 on taxis."
The Wales Office also spent £40 on flowers. The recipient's name is not revealed.
I'm told that all the figures refer to civil servants rather than Ministers.

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