Monday, 17 September 2007

The cheek of it

So many fringe meetings, so little time. So many are the joys of the Lib Dem conference.

The odd gimmick creeps in amid the debates and fringe meetings about different forms of proportional representation.

Welsh Lib Dems Roger Williams and Eleanor Burnham donned cycling helmets to pedal along the seafront to make a point about cycle facilities.

The party's student wing is flogging its own version of Top Trumps - compare your MP's record to win.

Peter Black mugs and fridge magnets are for sale - the conference shop claims to have sold six or seven magnets. I forked out 65p for a Mike German one - you never know they may be worth more soon.

And tonight Lembit Opik will be the auctioneer at a fringe event where one of the lots going under the hammer is a signed Cheeky Girls album.

I'd bid myself but I'm saving up for the rarer unsigned version.

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