Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Good to be back

Three weeks away (mostly spent in a country with a small population where the political establishment is seeking more home rule from its neighbour) and not too much seems to have changed.

I'm relieved to have discovered that I haven't missed the end of the DFS sale, although the company claims to have only two such events a year. What it doesn't tell you is that each lasts for six months.

David Cameron's troubles appear to be continuing, although the Brown bounce seems to have lost some of its spring in recent polls, for what they are worth at this time of the year.

Peter Black has written vast amounts to try to answer the question on everyone's lips: what is the point of the Welsh Liberal Democrats? Some bedside reading there for me in the run-up to the party's conference in Brighton later this month.

The leader of the Welsh Lib Dems deserves some reward for services to the media during a quiet month.

Lembit Opik revealed to the Express on Sunday the secret of his relationship with one of the Cheeky Girls: "We have some quite intellectual conversations a lot of the time. We talk a lot about philosophical and sociological concepts. These people who suggested our relationship was just a fling ought to apologise.

The Mail on Sunday revealed that the Montgomeryshire MP signs himself "Bow Wow" in correspondence, a fact that hasn't escaped his political opponents.

The Mail also reveals how the Cheeky Girls have had surgery to correct problems with earlier operations on a sensitive part of their anatomy.

"They went wrong. One was facing left and the other was facing right," explained their mother Margit.

At this rate, Peter Black will have to update his online pamphlet about what the Welsh Lib Dems are for but am I the only one contemplating suing Margit for invading my privacy?

Do let me know if I've missed anything newsworthy during my time overseas.

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