Friday, 7 September 2007

BBC Scandal

The Daily Mail has unearthed a major scandal that is set to rock Britain to its foundations.

Apparently a couple of BBC reporters have been spotted wearing jeans on TV. Questions would be asked in Parliament if MPs were not on holiday, sorry in recess.

Monmouth Tory MP David Davies has overcome his natural reticence to see his name in the tabloids to offer the Mail his verdict.

"I certainly wouldn't turn up to a broadcaster looking like I have come off a beach," he said after Richard Watson and David Shukman were revealed as the guilty men.

"T-shirts and jeans would be fine if they were on Blue Peter but these are programmes that pride themselves as the country's top current affairs and news programmes.

"A suit would be more appropriate. I was brought up in the Seventies - but personally I think you have got to dress for the occasion and that means smart clothes for TV."

He speculated whether reporters would soon be seen reporting on royal occasions "wearing tracksuits, bling and a baseball cap".

Personally, I've never worn jeans on TV and my wardrobe is a little short on bling and baseball caps. Perhaps William Hague would lend me one.

I think Davies has missed the point. The image of denim has taken a knock in recent years, a blow attributed by fashion experts to their popularity with middle-aged men such as Tony Blair and Jeremy Clarkson.

The real crime is apparently wearing jeans too late into middle age.

Some style gurus believe that 42 is the latest age at which denims should be worn.

At the age of 43, I should probably declare an interest.

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