Monday, 24 September 2007

Waiting for Gordo

The queues around the conference centre are lengthy - and lengthening. It seems that every Labour MP, AM and activist wants to hear what their new Prime Minister has to say.

Well, not quite everyone. We need some sort of Welsh angle for Wales Today. How about an MP fighting a marginal seat whose job may depend on Gordon Brown's appeal to the voters?

Easier said than done. We offered exposure on Wales's most-watched TV programme, a chance to connect with constituents. So far the shrinking violets we had in mind have yet to overcome their shyness.

One MP's office said she was away from the conference "on parliamentary business" - an enigmatic phrase that should silence those cynics who think Parliament isn't sitting this week. There are, it seems, still facts to be found in places near and far.

Another MP has yet to respond to countless calls to his pager and mobile. His office say they've been unable to track him down, although he is supposed to be in Bournemouth.

Some may think that in this age of self-publicists and spin it is especially refreshing to discover professional politicians who believe the X on the ballot paper stands for "no publicity".

UPDATE: I later discovered the "parliamentary business" involved a week-long Commonwealth Parliamentary Association trip to India followed by a visit to Sri Lanka. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

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