Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Showbiz corner

Hot news from the Lib Dem conference, where a signed copy of a Cheeky Girls CD went for £100 at an auction hosted by Lembit Opik.

Delegates have also been spotted poring over copies of Hello! magazine along with their normal conference documents.

The reason? Opik and the Cheeky Girl singer Gabi Irimia are sharing their first anniversary with readers of the glossy magazine.

Gabi and her sister have returned from Romania where they had corrective cosmetic surgery. Gabi tells Hello!: "We are proud of our breasts as a man would be with his new Ferrari - they were asymmetric with one nipple heading east and the other west".

I'll leave any political metaphor to others but Opik tells Hello!: "I don't want to tempt fate but it's going well. We're really happy together".


Christopher Glamorgan said...

£100 for a Cheeky Girls cd!!! Was there a photo of her new breasts on the cover? Bless them both and their anniversary! Glyn Davies will be looking forward to Lembit's tearful farewell in 'Goodbye' magazine at the next election if he keeps this up.

Anonymous said...

wonder how he feels now his ex has won rear of the year and his new squeeze didnt come anywhere
What a silly man - but may be sian lloyd had a lucky escape