Saturday, 8 September 2007

Don't call me sir

Hot news from the Lib Dem leader in an engaging interview in The Times today.

“I don’t like being Sir Ming," says Sir Ming, "because I think it sounds silly. I’d rather people just dropped the Sir altogether and called me Ming Campbell.”

This welcome disdain for titles would be slightly more convincing if he were not listed on his party's website as initially Rt Hon Sir Menzies Campbell QC MP and subsequently as Menzies ('Ming') Campbell CBE QC MP.

If Sir Ming really doesn't like being called Sir Ming, he could have refused his knighthood.

Lib Dems have been keener than some other parties to receive honours for political service - I can think of several failed parliamentary candidates who've nevertheless received gongs for their political work.

Perhaps Ming Campbell, as we must get to know him, really does intend to break the mould.

Whatever next? MPs with Phds not calling themselves doctors? It does happen. The prime minister gets by without using his doctorate, although some rather more obscure backbenchers are so proud of their academic achievements they waste no opportunity to use it.

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