Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Ming says hello!

I've just interviewed the leader of Britain's third political party.

As you'd expect in the middle of a crucial conference for the Liberal Democrats and Sir Menzies Campbell, I focused largely on the latest policy developments, green taxation, proportional representation and the philosophy of liberalism.

I may also have mentioned the contents of this week's Hello! magazine - new readers please scroll down.

Sir Menzies, it has to be said, took great interest in my copy - and would probably have read it cover to cover if I hadn't asked for it back.

Perusing photographs of his business and enterprise spokesman with his Cheeky Girl girlfriend, Sir Menzies said:

"Lembit's life outside politics is a matter for him. If I thought that his life outside politics was affecting his ability to fulfil his responsibilities as a member of the shadow cabinet for the Liberal Democrats, I would take action but I don't believe that and therefore I don't propose to take action.

"I am not appalled by photographs of this kind. What is appalling about two young people who are obviously very affectionate towards each other?

"As long as he does the job then he can stay in the job."

Would the leader and Lady Campbell contemplate sharing their beautiful lives with Hello! readers? "No-one has suggested it".

Will he be buying the Cheeky Girls' new album? "I think it unlikely".

Whatever you think of the Lib Dems, Sir Menzies was a good sport - even if he didn't offer me the hoped-for Werther's Original.

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