Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Slap in the face for Plaid

My colleagues at Sky have put together one of the must-have accessories of the conference season - political Top Trumps.

These cards feature leading politicos from British parties, rating them for categories such as looks, majority, parliamentary skills and charisma.

Lembit Opik will be chuffed to learn that he features - although slightly less pleased to see that his rating for "looks" is 33 - the same as Menzies Campell.

At least he beats William Hague (25) in that department although Hague's parliamentary skills do score highly.

Most senior UK politicians do figure, although Peter Hain has been strangely excluded. He is doubtless "relaxed" about it.

SNP leader and Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond does feature, although there is no place for his Plaid Cymru counterpart Ieuan Wyn Jones, despite his recent promotion to the role of deputy First Minister.

This could well see the first autumnal surge in the Elfynometer and must surely be immediately denounced as either a snub or a slap in the face to Wales.

If it's any consolation, Welsh First Minister Rhodri Morgan is also overlooked. It's a cruel world.


Anonymous said...

Do any AMs feature on the list?

David Cornock said...

None at all. The only devolved politicians are those with Westminster seats - Salmond and Paisley. Assembly Top Trumps would be fun if there's someone creative out there.....

Aralio said...

yes I also noticed the lack of Plaid. Perhaps Nigel Farage of UKIP is also gnashing teeth?

Having now actually played a game of top trumps using the politcos deck, the person I think who should be most upset is actually Des Browne.

Browne is the whipping boy card, which can be beaten by almost anybody else. What's worse - missing out or being the lowest rated card in the deck?!?